Re-framing Design-Art

That the term Design-Art arose, became a popular buzz-phrase and came to represent a widely vilified genre in a period of less than ten years is remarkable. Yet it wasn’t all bad. When given the chance to teach a class on object-making at the boundary of design and sculptural practices revisiting and re-framing Design-Art became a central concern.

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A Mini #MilanUncut Reader

As some of you will know, a debate has been unfolding on the Twittersphere among journalists and designers about the issue of designers pay. The debate became known by the codename assigned to it by twitter users: #Milanuncut. This post offers a collection of links to articles relevant to the debate and adds some additional thoughts.



Object Thinking contains articles about product and furniture design by Tim Parsons.

By establishing a platform for the discussion of significant issues in the field, Object Thinking aims to be an effective counterpoint to the increasing consumption of design through images alone.

Tim Parsons is a designer, writer and lecturer and author of Thinking:Objects - Contemporary Approaches to Product Design published by AVA Academia. View Tim Parsons' website

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